Love & War

Love & War

Hey Gang!

July 29th- So excited the "Love and War" release party is tomorrow night!! I'm so glad to be kicking off this record in my neighborhood at Drifters BBQ here in Nashville. If you're in my neck of the woods I hope to see you there for a few songs plus some good grub and a few drinks. Oh and did I mention it's FREE too!!

July 30th- I want to extend my thanks to all of the people involved with making the "Moonshine Baby" video. First to my wife and John for having my back and supporting me like they always do, also to Brian Bass and Ceiran for busting their butts to make me look good, to Mark Copher for playing Phil Velvet the coolest dude in all of east Nashville, and finally Erin and all the folks at Ford Mustang for giving us a car to run around town with and cause a little trouble! If you haven't yet go watch the video here It's awesome and you'll love it!!

August 1st- Had a blast on the mid-summer-mini-tour! Went to a lot of cool places and I can't thank them enought for having me. Thanks to folks at Ren Asheville and Talon Winery's for making the first weekend out a joy. Thanks to the Ren Rutherford, Ren Woodbridge, and Ren DC downtown for making me feel welcome and for making paying all those tolls worth it! Finally many thanks to Ren Boston and Ren Foxoboro, those guys take great care of me and I always feel like I on home turf with them. Totally enjoyed playing for all of the Taylor Swift fans last weekend at Patriot Place. Now if I could just get them to ship me some lobster rolls...

August 3rd- Love and War drops tomorrow but right now You can stream songs from the new album and some old favorites for FREE on Soundcloud by clicking the link here
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